Anna Dare is an international photographer.

Her main directions in photography are humanitarian and travel.

After graduating from Fine Arts Department of Moscow State Pedagogical University, she worked in different projects for a wide variety of clients.

In 2005-2011 with her art and photography works she participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia, such as “Moscow in the Eyes of Youth”.

In 2009 she was assigned as the official photographer of Indian Embassy in Moscow. In 2013 she performed her works at two solo photo exhibitions “Wonders of India” and  ”The Colours of Dance” in the Indian Embassy in Moscow in honor of the visit of the Minister of Culture of India.

Since 2012 she specializes in photography for child/youth programs, schools and camps in various countries.

In October 2014 Anna performed her works at solo exhibition and gave her workshop at International Camping Congress in Antalya, Turkey

Since February 2015 she exhibits her photography works at Istanbul Concept International Annual Art Festivals “Love 360″.

In November 2015 Anna was invited as a speaker/presenter at Reisenetz Conference of German Youth Program Organizers in Berlin.

As a teacher of photography she motivates her students to explore the beauty and fascination of world’s cultural and natural diversity.